Bela Products

Since 2016, the Bela team has been developing and releasing products to meet the needs of our maker community. Along with our Bela and Bela Mini boards, we offer a range of accessories for expanding Bela’s capablities, along with limited-edition products.

Bela boards


The original Bela board has everything you need to start creating beautifully interactive applications. With 8 16-bit analog I/O and 16 digital I/O you can hook up all your favourite sensors and devices, and get programming with our browser-based IDE. Bela is compatible with our multiplexer and audio expander capelets, and has on-board stereo amps, making this our most fully-featured system. Available as a starter kit (full system of BeagleBone Black, USB cable, Bela cape and two audio adapter cables) or as the stand-alone cape.

  • Stero audio I/O
  • 8 channels of 16-bit analog I/O
  • 16 digital I/O
  • On-board speaker amps
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Bela Mini

In 2018 we condensed all the most popular features of Bela into one tiny system that fits in more places than ever before. The Bela Mini is 1/3 the size of the Original Bela, but still powerful - it has 8 16-bit analog inputs, 16 digital I/O and stereo audio I/O. Bela Mini uses the same Bela software as the original, so you still get access to our browser-based IDE in a much smaller form factor. Available as a starter kit (fully assembled board, USB cable, SD card and 2 audio adapter cables), or as a standalone kit.

  • Stereo audio I/O
  • 8 channels of 16-bit analog input
  • 16 digital I/O
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Add-ons and expanders

CTAG Multichannel system

CTAG is a multichannel audio system for Bela, developed in collaboration with Henrik Langer and Robert Manzke from the CTAG group at Kiel University. There are two versions available, CTAG FACE (4 channels in, 8 channels out) and CTAG BEAST (8 channels in, 16 channels out).

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Multiplexer Capelet

If 8 channels of analog input aren't enough, expand up to 64 channels with the Bela Multiplexer Capelet. (Compatible only with Bela Original.)

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Audio Expander Capelet

Turn your 8 analog I/O into 4 additional stereo I/O with the Bela Audio Expander. (Compatible only with Bela Original.)

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Limited edition products


In 2018 Bela collaborated with Rebel Technology to release a fully programmable Bela synth module, SALT. This module boasted 4 CV and 4 trigger, expandable up to 8 of each with the SALT+ expander. (SALT was produced in a limited edition of 30 and is no longer available, but you can click below to read more.)

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