Beautiful interaction for modular synth

We make Eurorack modules that use Bela technology to bring a new level of interaction to your modular synth.

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  1. Gliss: Touch control for Eurorack
  2. PEPPER: A fully programmable DIY module

Gliss: Touch control for Eurorack #

Gliss is a touch controller. Using the technology behind our Trill touch sensors, Gliss brings immediate touch interaction with beautiful visual feedback to your modular setup.

Read all about Gliss here.


Unparalleled touch interaction

4 performance modes

Generate control signals, record waveforms, modulate signals and much, much more

Width: 4HP


PEPPER: A fully programmable DIY module #

PEPPER is a module that you put together yourself, and use with a Bela system.

Because it uses Bela, you can program it yourself. This means PEPPER is a fully customisable module, and you can turn it into whatever you like. Need a VCF? An oscillator? Envelopes? A filter bank? Just plug your Bela into your computer, choose a PEPPER example (or write your own), and make PEPPER into exactly you want it to be.


Comes as a DIY kit that you put together yourself

Fully programmable in C++, Pure Data, and more

2 audio I/O, 8 CV in, 8 CV out

Interface features 8 pots, 4 buttons, 10 LED output

Width: 18HP


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