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Bela was born in a university, and we understand the needs of teachers and researchers.

Our Bela systems are used to teach classes in universities, design schools and research institutions around the world. Students who use Bela in classes come from subject areas that range from music technology, DSP and robotics to e-textiles, design, DSP, interaction design and more.

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  1. Cost effective
  2. No software to install
  3. Built-in teaching materials
  4. Teach in multiple languages
  5. Educational discounts

Cost effective #

Bela and Bela Mini are self-contained systems for interactive audio programming. Additionally, they are loaded with tools for learning, such as the browser-based oscilloscope, meaning that students can see signals without expensive external equipment.

No software to install #

Bela and Bela Mini come with the Bela IDE already installed. The Bela IDE includes a code editor, and compiles and runs projects with a single click. This means there’s no command line to master or other software to install, purchase or maintain.

Built-in teaching materials #

We know that diving into the world of embedded computing, sensors, actuators and DSP can be intimidating for students, and that there’s also a learning curve for educators. Every Bela system comes with a library of over 100 well-documented examples, with circuit diagrams and resources, to provide as many entry points as possible for students, educators and researchers from a huge range of disciplines.

Teach in multiple languages #

Bela can be programmed in multiple languages, so you can use the one that best supports your knowledge and teaching goals:

Educational discounts #

We offer discounts for universities and educational institutions making quantity purchases. Get in touch via our contact form to learn more.

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