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We know that learning interactive programming is challenging. We also know how big the payoffs are for being able to create beautifully interactive digital projects, especially for artists and musicians.

We have created a huge range of free resources to help you learn how to craft interaction, whether you’re a seasoned programmer or a total beginner.

On this page

  1. The Bela IDE
  2. The Bela Knowledge Base
  3. The Bela YouTube Channel
  4. The Bela Forum
  5. Product resources
    1. Bela and Bela Mini
    2. Trill Touch Sensors
    3. Gliss
    4. PEPPER

The Bela IDE #

The best place to get started with Bela and Bela Mini is the Bela IDE. Connect your Bela or Bela Mini system to your computer, boot it up, and go to bela.local/ in a browser.

The Bela IDE is loaded with dozens of example projects in four languages, demonstrating everything from specific sensors to audio techniques. Whether you’re using C++, Pure Data, Supercollider or Csound, you can start with an example project to get you up and running fast.

Read more about the Bela IDE on the IDE product page.

The Bela Knowledge Base #

The Bela Knowledge Base (or KB) is at learn.bela.io. It’s the best place for in-depth information about Bela, Trill and all our other products.

On the Tutorials page you can find courses on programming Bela with C++ as well as Pure Data.

The KB also has a wealth of information about getting started with Trill touch sensors in the Using Trill section of the KB. Whether you’re using Trill sensors with Bela and Bela Mini, or another platform like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the KB has tons of information on every sensor, how they work, and how to use them.

The Bela YouTube Channel #

In 2020 we released a course for programming Bela with C++ on the Bela YouTube channel. We often post great tutorials from the Bela team, as well as our collaborators.

Make sure to subscribe for the latest updates!

The Bela Forum #

We built the Bela Forum as a place for the worldwide Bela community to gather, exchange, ask questions, and show their work. Have a question? Want to solve a problem? Head to the forum.

Product resources #

As well as the resources above, we have specific tutorials, videos and information on specific products and techniques.

Bela and Bela Mini #

Trill Touch Sensors #

The Bela Blog also features lots of great projects made with Trill touch sensors.

Gliss #


Need an illustrated guide for your soldering adventure? Find our in-depth, illustrated PEPPER Build Guide on Github.

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