Bela Consultancy Services

Have you been prototyping a product with Bela which you are now ready to bring to market? Are you a startup who wants a quick way of getting your hardware market ready?

The Bela team are available for consultancy and we are always keen to lend our engineering and design expertise to help integrate Bela into commercial products. By adapting our designs to your needs we can help you achieve faster times to market in comparison with fully custom solutions, and help you transform your ideas from prototype to product.

We offer the following services:

Custom hardware designs

  • Integrating Bela with custom hardware for example control interfaces, wireless communication, pre-amplification, level shifting, custom audio front ends and much more
  • Custom design of single board computers for your project, ready for manufacture
  • Custom sensor design building on our Trill capacitive sensor range

Custom software development

  • Developing custom code based on the Bela software for your application
  • Firmware for supporting specialist pieces of hardware
  • Custom UIs for interacting with embedded code running on Bela

Manufacturing consultancy

  • Design for manufacture, including factory tests
  • BOM selection and optimisation for part availability and cost
  • Working with open source licences in closed source products

Manufacturing partner

  • Small to medium scale manufacturing with our trusted partners
  • We can take you the whole way through the process, from design to product

We specialise in embedded real-time audio architectures for digital musical instruments, audio interfaces, custom musical controllers, and general DSP systems, but our experience spans diverse industries. Previous consultancy projects include musical devices, entertainment systems, automotive sound systems, consumer products and health and wellbeing technologies.

To find out more about how we can help your project please drop us a line.