What is Bela?

Bela is a maker platform for creating beautifully responsive audio and interactive applications.

Bela puts the power of ultra-low latency audio and sensor processing in the hands of makers everywhere. Bela is used by audio enthusiasts, interactive aritsts, musicians, wearable technology designers, installation artists and digital craftspeople worldwide. The Bela platform, which includes our original Bela board and the new tiny Bela Mini, combines specially-designed hardware for powerful real-time processing, with software that has been crafted to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Built for speed.

Bela uses Xenomai Linux for hard real-time audio processing with latencies as low as 100us, a speed that even the best laptop can’t match.

Code, your way.

Code in C/C++, Puredata, Supercollider, or a variety of other languages. Use the in-browser IDE for C/C++ or your own environment. You develop it, Bela runs it.

Connect everything.

Bela provides stereo audio along with 8 channels each of 16-bit analog I/O and 16 channels of digital I/O, all of which are sampled together at audio rates.

Open source.

Bela’s hardware and software are both open source, and Bela benefits from the innovation and support of its worldwide community of musicians, designers, makers and tinkerers.


Bela is powerful, but small enough to fit almost anywhere (and it just got smaller). Bela can be unplugged and run from an external battery and embed into instruments, interactive objects, effects boxes and more - no laptop required.

Browser-based IDE.

Bela features a browser-based IDE, with full C/C++ development capabilities. Includes powerful features at your fingertips, such as an in-browser oscilloscope, code examples, and much more.



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